Parent Date: Parents with Purpose

Refresh Your Marriage with 4 easy Steps


Studies have shown that there are two main ingredients of a happy loving marriage … kindness and generosity. We add two more … taking responsibility and being committed.

The Parent Date program covers 4 steps that strengthen your relationship and enhance your communication skills

It’s time to focus on your marriage and become clear on what you really want, both individually and as a couple.

Think of the benefits to your family:

  • More resilience to change and stress
  • Greater self confidence
  • Respect for self and others

It is possible to have the marriage you really want.

It's not so much that marriages just don't work out... it's that we don't put the work in.

We expect the happily ever after to happen without realizing that in real life the "and they lived happily ever after” is not the end, it's just the beginning.

Imagine:  Having that happily ever after feeling every day.

You know the one .... where you have that special connection that is like electricity flashing between the two of you.

Having a framework and a series of tools that help you have a closer more loving relationship no matter where you start.

Understanding how you can change your results.
Knowing how to move through your resistance and discomfort – what we call the wall of opposition, and to gain inner strength as you move through it.

Join us for a Parent Date Workshop and reconnect, recommit and refresh your marriage.
We are limited to 20 couples so get your tickets now.